Are you a ninja donor?


Charitable organizations will tell you that it is not uncommon to receive anonymous donations. In these instances, it is about the charity not the individual. It’s about giving help, not receiving recognition.  Not everyone wants their good deeds to be acknowledged publicly.  And that is okay.

Haven Toronto has Ninja Donors. They are more than just anonymous. We never see them, even when they are dropping off donations. We turn around for a minute and next thing you know, a Ninja Donor has placed a bag or box of clothing and books at the front desk.  These donors are stealthy – perhaps they are long time supporters who know when meals are served and the reception area is quiet.  Or they may have been passing by and just wanted to do some good.

Ninja Donors, they’re out there. We may never set eyes on them but we are always grateful for them. We appreciate everyone who supports Haven Toronto with donations of goods, time and money. And even if we don’t see you, we see the difference that you make, whoever you are.


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