Our Core Values

We will achieve our mission by being a client-centric organization that values and promotes:



We are inclusive in practice, encourage and support diversity within our organization, and believe inclusiveness is central to our success and to that of our community. We are open minded and respect, acknowledge and celebrate difference.


We engage everyone, as we would want to be treated, with respect, courtesy and dignity. We work to be good partners to our teammates and stakeholders by fostering trust and engaging in a collaborative, consultative and inclusive manner. We exhibit and maintain a professional demeanor and attitude at all times as we strive to deliver quality services and realize positive outcomes.


In all we do, we adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior. We value candid communication, openness and transparency. We are truthful, fair and accurate in action and are consistent and reliable in fulfilling our commitments to internal and external stakeholders. We represent ourselves genuinely and honestly.


We encourage our team to think and do things differently, seeking ways to pioneer and innovate in order to become a recognized source of thought leadership and advocacy for our clients. We value solution-focused approaches to problem solving.


Our collective success is built upon these guiding principles. They are the foundation of our commitment to provide services and programs in a respectful, safe environment that enhances the quality of life of elder homeless men in our community.