Haven Toronto Opens Dental Hygiene Clinic

dental hygiene clinic

Haven Toronto is thrilled that its new dental clinic has opened.  Joanne, our volunteer dental hygienist, has seen a number of clients and her exams revealed broken teeth, an infected tooth, several potential cavities, plus a lot of tartar, stain buildup and gum disease.  Joanne referred her clients to dentists for further examination and possible treatment.  Joanne spends an average of 90 minutes with each client and each had their teeth scaled (scraped and cleaned) and polished.

Joanne is also experiencing a learning curve because the equipment is slightly different than what she is used to but soon she will feel right at home.

Clearly, the dental hygiene clinic was needed and it will service more and more clients.  The clinic relies on donations so that supplies can be purchased on a regular basis.  Please help us keep our dental clinic open.




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