Improv Haven at the Comedy Bar Benefits Elder Homelessness

It was an amazing night of comedy and laughter at the Improv Haven Comedy Fundraiser for Elder Homelessness, held Tuesday March 28 at Toronto’s Comedy Bar.  Not only were there amazing performances from improv troupes Notorious and Mantown, but Haven Toronto fielded its own team to a widely entertained audience.  Miguel and Freddie Rivas MC’d the night which also featured Second City’s Ashley Botting performing with Mantown.

The Improv Haven Comedy Fundraiser was the brainchild of Notorious members Mat Maitlandt and Ryan Hildebrandt.  Ryan has been a volunteer at Haven Toronto since 2015 and both he and Mat developed the idea of a benefit for the organization.  A key part of the Improv Haven fundraiser was to include Haven Toronto clients in the performance.  Both Mat and Ryan spent weeks working with Glen, Dave, Gary and Frank teaching them improv skills and techniques and building their confidence.

Over $2000 was raised and we thank Mat, Ryan, Mantown, Notorious, Miquel and Freddie and the Comedy Bar for all their support.



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