More Research and Action is Necessary to Combat Homelessness Among Older People in Canada

The team at Haven Toronto is continually advocating with policy makers, funders, media and the general public in raising awareness for the need to improve services and issues faced by older people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Dr. Amanda Grenier, Associate Professor at Gilbrea Chair in Aging & Mental Health and Chair of Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging, Mc Master University is a leader in Canada on this issue.

Her recent research illustrates that little is understood about homelessness among older adults in this country. Their research highlights that…”Homelessness among older people in Canada is a growing problem. However, inadequate understanding of this issue prevents the development of effective policies, strategies, and services that target homelessness among older people. More research is needed to address the unique challenges of older homelessness.”

We share a recent overview that McMaster posted of what is known, what can be done to improve how we deal with this over-represented and hugely stigmatized population.

Click on link below to McMaster’s ‘Research Snap’ web-site

Research Snap


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