Online Store Donates Your Purchases to Haven Toronto

“How can I help?” and “Where does my support go?” These are two questions commonly asked of charities. Beginning August 2nd, Haven Toronto makes it easier to help elder homeless men and donors can decide where their support goes.

Introducing ‘’, a new online store where consumer purchases are donated to Haven Toronto. ‘You receive a tax receipt. Elder homeless men receive much needed support.’

For older adults affected by poverty and homelessness, even basic items are out of reach. Everyday items like toothpaste, deodorant, socks and underwear. After paying for housing, Toronto seniors on OAS and GIS have $34.65 a week for all other expenses. For many, this means going without. The question is, what do they sacrifice? Healthy, nutritious meals? Life’s basic necessities? Socialization? Or even housing? Support of means many seniors don’t have to make these tough choices.

The on-line store invites consumers to support Toronto’s elder homeless men, offering over 20 carefully selected items available in three product lines; Clothing, Personal Care and Food & Services.

“We understand the needs of those affected by poverty and homelessness,” says Lauro Monteiro, Executive Director of Haven Toronto, the charity behind

 “Our store provides donors with choices when it comes to supporting elder homeless men. highlights many of their most immediate needs and enables donors to give in a way that has the greatest impact.”







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