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September 2020


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New Study Shows Older Men Feel ‘Excluded, Overlooked And Cut-off’

With increasing numbers of older men experiencing loneliness, a new report calls for a better understanding of how to tackle the growing public health challenge. A two-year study, led by the University of Bristol in collaboration with Age UK, highlights the issues faced by older men, many of whom describe feeling socially excluded, overlooked, cut-off and feeling 'left out of things' - all of which have a range of negative impacts on day-to-day life. These feelings were triggered by a variety of life events, including loss of a partner, retirement or relocation. To combat the problem, researchers at the University are calling for changes to the focus of adult social care services – urging fo

Why People Who Have Less Give More

The incident happened three decades ago when I was in high school. But I still remember it vividly. We had gone on a “culture trip” to spend a few days in a remote village in central India to learn about village life. The village was nondescript, clusters of mud huts surrounded by wheat fields. For someone who grew up in the maximum city of Bombay, it was a remarkable experience. After the village leader had welcomed us, I was walking around the village when a beaming old woman loudly beckoned me. She was at least 70, grizzled and lean with the build and posture of someone who has laboured in the fields all their life. Her hut was very basic, essentially a one-room shack made of mud and cow

The Tragic And Mysterious Death Of A Harness Horseman

In a sport where memorial races and commemorative awards are the norm, it seems bleakly ironic that a former horseman can die alone and forgotten. But this was the fate that befell Ron Graham, who ended up homeless in Toronto. The Cape Breton-born trainer/driver passed away sometime during the night of October 27, 2018. His body was discovered the next morning, inside the gates of the Osgoode Hall legal building. He was 62. Graham was not friendless, despite the hardship of his living conditions. But his companions were living rough themselves, ill-equipped to help each other get back on their feet. Many, like Ron, were clients of Haven Toronto, Canada’s only drop-in centre for older (50+) h

Haven Toronto – Yours To Discover

For the experts at Travel Edge – the largest luxury-focused travel agency in North America – it must be a common occurrence to read comments like, "It’s an amazing place,” "It was really fun!” and “Everyone in the group walked away feeling great.” It's the kind of feedback you receive after crafting experiences that are personalized and rewarding. Ironically, this feedback was from Travel Edge staff after volunteering for the first time at Haven Toronto. Imagine how challenging it must be to deliver a unique experience to someone who plans unique experiences for a living. With help from United Way Greater Toronto, Kensington Tours and Travel Edge recently volunteered at Haven Toronto, prepar

At 2 Billion Hours Volunteered, Canada Ranks 15th In The World

The World Giving Index (WGI), an annual report published by the Charities Aid Foundation, ranks over 140 countries according to how charitable they are. Ranking is based on how much they help a stranger, how much they volunteer and how much they donate. The aim of the WGI is to provide insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world. According to the World Giving Index, in 2013, Canada ranked second in the world. Then third in 2014 and fourth in 2015. It only gets worse from there. Last year, Canada came in 15th. Indonesia was number one in 2018 followed by Australia, New Zealand and, wait for it, the United States. Despite a steady drop in our WGI rank, some of the most recent

19 Reasons To Volunteer

For some, volunteering is an opportunity to give back to the community or make a difference in the lives of the people around them. For others, it's about developing new skills, building on existing knowledge and growing career opportunities and employment prospects. Regardless of the motivation, what unites volunteers is that they find volunteering both challenging and rewarding. Here are 19 Reasons To Volunteer. Go through the list. How many are reason enough for you to get involved? - 19 - Meet people and make new friends - 18 - A chance to socialize - 17- Gain confidence and self-esteem - 16 - Feel valued and part of a team - 15 - Get to know the local community - 14 - Spend quality time

Reducing Barriers To Health Care For The Homeless

“My patient and I both knew he was dying,” wrote the doctor. “Was there someone I should call? Someone he wanted to see? Not a one. The only thing worse than suffering a serious illness is suffering it alone.” Yet people facing illness and the end of life alone is a growing reality. One in four seniors in Canada lives alone. One in five say they are lonely. Haven Toronto recognizes the impact of isolation on health and wellbeing. The downtown drop-in provides a safe and welcoming space for elder men age 50+, many of whom have been impacted by poverty and homelessness. Earlier this year, for the first time in the organization’s 86 years, Haven Toronto hired a full-time, onsite registered nurs


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