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September 2020


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Understanding The Impact Of Ageism

When you think of ageism in the workplace, you might think first of discrimination towards older employees, forgetting that, today, Millennials are the brunt of many supposedly innocent jokes. All kidding aside, ageism is wrong, no matter the target. "I used to work for a major Canadian telcom. I had a bulls eye on me. I was making a lot of money and was in my fifties. It was inevitable that I'd be laid off." One of the best examples of planned ageism in the workplace is the existence of an often unspoken rule or formula in HR. It goes something like, "80/50/30". When a company looks to layoff, if an employee is earning over $80,000 a year, is over the age of 50, and has 30 years at the orga

From Precariously Employed And House-Poor To Homeless

After losing his job, Mike knew he’d be home more but he never thought he’d be homeless. Now in his fifties, the loss of work meant the end of the career that Mike dreamed of and banked on. Many careers that were once considered secure are now precarious. Today’s journalists, tellers and teachers know that more than most. The concept of a job for life is passé. And while only low-skill jobs were perceived to be precarious, even highly educated professionals are experiencing economic insecurity and unstable working conditions. It takes an average of sixteen weeks to find employment in Canada. At the same time, the average Canadian is only two paycheques from bankruptcy. The combination means,

What We Learned During Men's Health Week In Canada

Since 2014, the second week of June in Canada has been recognized as Men’s Health Week, an occasion to promote healthy living and build awareness of the health issues affecting men. Generally speaking, men live more unhealthy lives compared to their female counterparts. The life expectancy of women in Canada is 84 years compared to 80 years for men. That number drops to 46 years for men who are homeless. Men who are homeless live half as long as men who are housed. The dramatic difference in life expectancy of housed and non-housed men speaks to the rigors of life on the street and the barriers to healthy living and health care. People who are homeless are more vulnerable to physical and men

Turk's Tale: From Hockey To Homeless

In his book, 'Crossing the Line: The Outrageous Story of a Hockey Original’, Derek Sanderson, who played for five NHL teams throughout his career – including the Bruins and the Blues – shares his hockey highs and lows and moments that would eventually see him homeless and living on the street. Photo: The Bruins' Derek Sanderson, By Boston Globe Of his time in Boston, Sanderson writes, "I’d been living the life. I was a single guy playing for the most popular hockey team on the planet, beautiful women all around me. The image I projected was that I was this crazy playboy, and I believed my own hype, but the truth was that I was just an insecure kid from Niagara Falls, Ontario.” Derek Sanderso

Playoffs A Source Of Social Inclusion For Homeless Raptors Fan

Photo: 2019 NBA Finals - Game Four, By Ezra Shaw A man who has been living on Toronto streets says connecting with fellow Raptors fans during the team's historic playoffs run has helped boost his spirits. Alex Brown says he's been spending time at the Jurassic Park fan zone outside the Raptors' arena and calls the fans around him his friends and family. Brown says connecting with others who love the team, particularly at the Jurassic Park fan zone outside the Raptors' arena, has helped boost his spirits while he's been living on the streets. "The fans got me feeling happy about myself," he said. "I don't feel down, it's gotten me up and going.” Hours before game five, Brown was among the fir

Tackling The Misconceptions Of Homelessness Through Sport

Homelessness is more than not having a roof over your head; it’s about loss of identity and social isolation. Homeless people are some of the most vulnerable and ostracized in society. Across the world, homelessness manifests itself in different extremes; from the hidden homeless (people who exist out of sight, couch surfing) to those more visible, sleeping rough and living in shelters. In reality, there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ homeless person ​Next month, players from over 50 countries will be convening in Wales for the 2019 Homeless World Cup, for the love of football and the desire to drive change. One goal of the Homeless World Cup is to break down and challenge negative stereoty

Peculiarly Precarious Careers Of The 21st Century

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives found that more than one in five Canadians are working in precarious jobs, according to a report released last year. And there is a higher incidence of people aged 55 and up in such roles. CCPA-Ontario senior researcher, Ricardo Tranjan says, “We tend to think of precarious work as something that happens in low-wage, low-skill jobs, but the findings from this national survey suggest that there is no safe harbour.” Tranjan continues, “Highly educated professionals are experiencing economic insecurity and unstable working conditions.” In the past, people could realistically expect to find meaningful, long-term employment soon after finishing school.

Root Causes Of Homelessness

Every person who has found themselves homeless at any point could point to numerous reasons why they ended up on the streets. The causes of homelessness are usually intertwined with one another. Anyone could find themselves looking for shelter, regardless of their background or life experience. Homelessness is usually the combination of several factors. The latest figures from the Government of Canada’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) from 2016, estimates 235,000 experience homelessness every year. That number increases when you add those who live with family and friends but do not access emergency shelters. The number of individuals that are homeless on a given night is estimated to


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