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September 2020


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Students Taught The Value Of A Hug

Vancouver Talmud Torah teacher Shoshana Burton invited Fred Miller, 62, a formerly homeless resident of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, to address her two Grade 7 tikkun olam classes. Miller would speak to the students, answer their questions and give insight into his life journey and the adversity he has experienced. “I wanted students to hear firsthand the life story of someone who is part of a group we tend to quickly judge, a group that is treated negatively,” said Burton. “I hoped it would help them develop an awareness of this judgment and see it quickly replaced with compassion, empathy and kindness.” The Grade 7 classes had discussed how stereotyping and biased behaviour in their

The Princess And The Paupers

Since Princess Diana's death 22 years ago, one generation of Royals has grown up, and another generation has sprouted up. The stage, the spotlight, the media circus once saved for Diana is, today, shared by Kate and Meghan. And George, Charlotte, Louis and Archie. And sometimes even Princes William and Harry. Sometimes. The new obsession with the newer Royals is a key reason the focus is fading on Princess Diana. But there is no denying Diana lives on through her sons, through her influence over them in youth, and through their witness of her sincere demonstrations of love, compassion and empathy. "Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that

Teaching Kids To Care

In Denmark, a country that is consistently ranked as one of the "world’s happiest", schools prioritize teaching empathy and consider it as important as teaching math and literature — and it all starts with a piece of cake! From their very first day of school until they graduate from high school, Danish kids spend an hour every week on “Klassens Time” or the “Class Hour.” Kids take turns bringing in a cake or another treat for the class to share. While they eat it, the students gather to talk about problems they are having and, together, the class discusses possible solutions. "The important thing is that everyone is heard," says Jesper Vang, a middle school teacher in Odense. "Our job as the

Toronto's Homeless Urgently Need Access To Dental Care

Ontario’s public dental programs leave many without care. In particular, thousands of adults living on low incomes cannot afford a visit to a dentist, which can harm their physical and emotional wellbeing and ability to get work. Older men who are homeless can face some of the greatest barriers to dental care and suffer the worst consequences. A study that assessed the oral health of people at Toronto shelters found: – 97% of people surveyed in Toronto shelters needed dental treatment compared to 34% in the general Canadian population. – 40% needed emergency dental treatment. – 35% had avoided eating due to mouth problems. – 32% said they experienced tooth pain over the last month. O

Anyone Can Be A Hero

In a recent 'Tales of Toronto', a monthly feature in Haven Toronto's free eMagazine, we wrote about one homeless man who kept to himself and another who saved the world, someone's world, by saving someone's life. "He hid around the corner, out of the way. Not to be a bother, and not to be bothered. It was here that he spent a large part of his day. Here, where pills helped him forget a large part of his nightmares." "As morning broke and the heart of the city sped up, his slowed down. This would be his last day alive and he's spending it overdosing. That is until another homeless man steps in with Naloxone. That's one less homeless death. One less stat. One less name for second Tuesday. With

Media's Role In Framing Homelessness

The media is a powerful tool. More powerful even than an army in many cases because regimes can only infiltrate a war zone. Reporters, on the other hand, have the power to infiltrate the mind. Vulnerable minds are everywhere. Not only are they open to negative subliminal messages, but they’re also often unaware of the fact they’re receiving them. Furthermore, recent research proves when it comes to homelessness, public perception is intrinsically tied to government action and available resources. As such, negative catchphrases have long fuelled the false narratives some politicians use to build a growing opposition to homeless people, rather than homelessness. For as long as homelessness has

Life Lessons Living In A Car

I’ve been homeless 3 times. The problem isn’t drugs or mental illness — it’s poverty. Low income, combined with a perfect storm of unaffordable rent, incompatible roommates, non-living wages, and an inability to find full-time work, resulted in three bouts of homelessness that forced me to live in my car. In a few days, it will happen a fourth time for the same reasons. I was born into a middle-class family, but I've hovered near poverty level all of my adult life because my line of work doesn't pay much. My career has consisted of administrative roles in high-tech offices and government agencies, with most of it contract work because it paid more and provided more flexibility and mobility t

Poor Physical Health Linked To Poor Social Relationships

New research has found a surprising link between poor quality social relationships and the presence of bone loss. This finding further emphasizes the importance of relationships — not just to mental and emotional well-being but also to physical health. The new study — whose findings feature in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, a BMJ publication — suggests that what might make a difference to a person's bone health is the quality, though not the quantity, of their social relationships. This factor is part of a measurement of "psychosocial stress," which is a form of stress that some people experience as a result of significant life events or having lower levels of optimism, life


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