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September 2020


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Finding Employment And Self-Worth

When you see a homeless man sitting on the side of the street begging for money, you feel bad for them, but that doesn’t mean you always take out your wallet to help. Most would simply walk by, even if they could spare some change. One woman - Cesia Abigail Baires - changed the game when it came to helping out the homeless. Three years ago a homeless man named Marcus walked into Abi’s Cafe in Minneapolis. He looked the cafe’s owner, Cesia, right in the eye and asked for money. “Why don’t you have a job,” she answered, adding, “You know nothing is given to me for free right?” The homeless man told Cesia that a job was what he wanted most in the world. But due to his criminal record, scoring a

What's Behind Veteran Homelessness In Canada

The issue of veterans who are homeless first emerged in the United States. A series of studies conducted in the mid-80s and early '90s showed that veterans comprised 11 percent of the adult male population in the U.S., but up to 26 percent of the male homeless population. Studies conducted in Australia and the United Kingdom in the mid-2000s, however, estimated that veterans made up only 3 percent of the male homeless population. In Canada, awareness of the issue came later. As of the mid-2000s, it is suggested that veterans might make up a significant percentage of Canada’s homeless population. The total number of veterans who are homeless in Canada can be estimated at between 3,000 and 5,0

Profiting Off Poverty And Homelessness

You can spend $2000 on a vacation to live like the homeless in Seattle including partaking in a meal at a soup kitchen. You can shell out $700 for new sneakers that look old, that make you look impoverished. And you can buy clothing from a Toronto manufacturer that says homeless along with an accompanying tin cup that reads, 'Change Please'. Maybe it's a homeless starter kit? For years, decades even, retail has been rife with offensive products and poor judgement. Take Zara's striped t-shirt that resembles the uniform of a Holocaust prisoner, Urban Outfitters retro Kent State t-shirt splattered with red stains resembling blood, a line of 'Breaking Bad' figurines for sale at children's retail

Police Officer Helps Elder Homeless Man Shave

Putting your best face forward can be a harrowing task when you live on the street. On Sept. 11, a homeless man in Detroit was trying his best to give himself a shave, using a puddle in the road to rinse his razor, when Officer Jeremy Thomas came to offer a steady hand. Jill Metiva Schafer and her family were also there in Comerica Park, regrouping after the Detroit Tigers game had been rained out. That’s when she spotted the exchange between Thomas and the homeless man, named Stanley Nelson, and snapped a few photos. “What a great Detroit cop,” she wrote in a Facebook post that’s now going viral. “This officer went way above and beyond to help this man shave!” “I took the picture because I

Attacks On Homeless People Make Sleeping Rough Even Rougher

Statistics have long shown that people who are homeless are more likely to be the victims of crime than those who are housed. If this sounds unbelievable, maybe it's because these crimes seldom make the news, except in extreme cases like the recent, sensational headlines of the murder of a homeless man in Toronto and four homeless men in New York City. Research from 2016 into the safety of people sleeping rough found: • More than one in three have been deliberately been hit, kicked, or experienced some other form of violence while homeless; • Over one in three (34%) have had things thrown at them; • Almost one in 10 (9%) have been urinated on while homeless; • More than one in 20 (7%) have b

Why A Pizza Mogul Left Pies At Memorials To 4 Homeless Men

Candles, flowers and handwritten tributes flow onto the sidewalk like surf filling a void in the sand, replacing the body just taken away. Memorials in Chinatown this week marked the spots where four homeless men were killed on Saturday, their heads smashed while they slept by an attacker wielding a metal bar. But something else was left at the sites. Fresh boxes of hot pizza were stacked at each memorial. And with them, a note. “I wish with all my heart,” it read, “that I could have been there at that very moment to protect all of you guys.” The author added, “You know me as the pizza guy.” Then he revealed something from his own past: “As a former homeless man, I know the struggle that all

Home Does Someone Who Is Homeless And Without A Fixed Address Vote?

The advance polls are open. To avoid the rush of election day, people are encouraged to vote early. Just remember to bring your voter information card - you should have received it in the mail - and your identification. Wait, what happens if you are homeless? And with no fixed address? According to Elections Canada, everyone who votes must be able to prove their address. From the Elections Canada website, "Eligible electors who are homeless or have no fixed address are welcome to register and vote." To prove your address, people who are homeless and with no fixed address can show a Letter of Confirmation of Residence. Organizations like Haven Toronto - establishments that offer food, housing

Scout Troop Supports Toronto's Homeless

When he was a Beaver at St. John’s Norway in the Beach, Matthew volunteered on Apple Day, as is an annual tradition for many in all levels of Scouts. On his first Apple Day, Rainbow — a Beaver leader — stationed Matthew outside a popular local coffee shop where for the next few hours the Scouts would distribute shiny crisp apples and collect donations. It was on that day that Matthew, then age five, witnessed an impactful act of generosity. A man, impoverished and homeless, emptied his bag and his pockets of their change, all in support of Apple Day and Scouting. The man gave everything he had including, in the process, a lasting impression. This year Matthew, now a Scout turning Venturer,

Carry Naloxone Or Carry Guilt

A young man was dying in front of me and I was unarmed and ill-prepared to deal with it. My two-block walk home from work is more routine than memorable. Like I'm on autopilot. That would change when this beautiful, sunny day quickly took a dark turn. As I was walking south on Jarvis St, I glanced across the street to see a woman huddled over a man. He was lying in the middle of the sidewalk. She was frantic, yelling at him and smacking her hands on the ground. She was causing quite a commotion. I looked around. To my surprise, nobody reacted. A man casually passed by. Others carried on with their commutes, sunglasses and earbuds blocking out reality; life continued just as life stopped. I c

Teaching Empathy Ends Bullying

Shoshana Burton, a Grade 7 teacher in Vancouver, was determined to make national anti-bullying day meaningful to her students. So in preparation, she invited Fred Miller, 62, a formerly homeless man, to address the students, answer their questions and give insight into his life journey and the adversity he has experienced. “I wanted students to hear first-hand the life story of someone who is part of a group we tend to quickly judge, a group that is treated negatively,” said Burton. “I hoped it would help them develop an awareness of this judgment and see it quickly replaced with compassion, empathy and kindness.” The Grade 7 classes had discussed how stereotyping and biased behaviour in the

A Healthy Alternative To Eating Alone

Research shows that eating alone means eating a less nutritious diet, especially for those over 50. The European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPIC Norfolk) has shown that loneliness and social isolation have a harmful impact on the eating habits of older adults. Started in 1993, the study followed 25,000 people between the ages of 40 and 80 in Europe over the past 20 years. Researchers looked at how diet and lifestyle affect the onset of chronic diseases including diabetes and cancer. Older adults that were single ate 2.3 fewer vegetable servings per day than their married or cohabiting counterparts. Widows or widowers living alone ate 1.1 fewer vegetables servings per day. How


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