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September 2020


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What Are You Going To Do With The Extra Day?

The 29th is not just another day. It’s not like any other day. A leap year day, the 29th is a bonus, a kind of holiday without the day off. For someone with a birthday on February 29th, and there are approximately 4 million celebrating world-wide, it’s truly a cause for a big celebration. The odds of being born on February 29th one in 1,461. While Leap Year is about the calendar year catching up to the solar year, we should look at it as being given an extra day to make a difference, when even one act can have a big impact. What are you going to do with your leap year day? Here are 10 ways to seize the day: 1. Say thank you. Write a thank-you note. Send an email. Or just say it. 2. Read a ne

To Be Homeless Or Friendless

Jim lived under a bridge. Now in his 50s, he once served in the military. After reintegration, he bounced from job to job, drank too much, became estranged from his family, and ended up homeless. A crisis outreach team found him one morning sleeping under the bridge. The team tried for months to get Jim to accept their support. Finally, he relented. The workers quickly helped him get disability benefits, meet with a psychiatrist and get settled in an apartment. Two weeks later, safe in the apartment, Jim said he wanted to go live under the bridge again. He was more comfortable there, where he knew people and felt like he belonged. In his apartment Jim was cut off from everything. In that mom

Bus Driver Saves Homeless Man's Life

It was one year ago that an Edmonton bus driver was being applauded for helping a homeless man get out of the icy elements, possibly saving the man's life. While on his regular route, Derek Bailey, a driver with the Edmonton Transit Service, came upon a man who appeared to be in trouble. Bailey said he saw a man who looked very pale. He was slumped over in a bus shelter. The man had icicles hanging from his beard. “The weather outside was about -30 C, -32 C… It was extremely cold that morning,” Bailey said. “Essentially he was frozen.” Bailey encouraged the homeless man to get on the bus. It was then that Bailey believed the man was in a moderate to severe stage of hypothermia. Bailey convin

Poverty From The Perspective Of The Poor

Documentary as a film genre is sometimes regarded as being made by and for do-gooders enjoyment. That isn’t always inaccurate. While there have been exemplary films about people living in hardship, more often than not the people making films and programmes on the subject of poverty neglect to involve anyone behind the camera who has direct experience of being poor and vulnerable. Documentaries about the working class will only feel authentic when they are made by people who have experienced hardship. Poverty is on the rise. But too often when evidence makes it to the screen, a sense of moral judgment appears to be built into its very fabric. Documentaries about working-class people are often

Business Owner Only Hires People Who Are Homeless Or With Special Needs

Drew Goodall has always wanted to become an actor. In his twenties, after he studied acting, he managed to get small roles in movies such as Snatch and About A Boy, working alongside actors Brad Pitt and Hugh Grant. However, a critique about his acting devastated him and changed his life. Not working, Goodall started running out of money. Not wanting to tell his parents or move home, he was eventually evicted. Drew was homeless for six months. He struggled every day to survive. He was also beaten up more than once. He begged for food and slept in cardboard boxes outside of London Academy of Performing Arts. Goodall was in the worst state of his life, suffering from homelessness and depressio


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