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September 2020


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It's Time To Stop Wearing Masks

The mask that you wear, that you might have on right now, is meant for your personal protection, to add some distance between you and others, and to afford you peace of mind. But it could be doing you more harm than good – it could be giving you a false sense of security – and it might not be helping those around you. It’s time to stop wearing masks. For thousands of years people have been wearing masks. It’s not a cultural thing, everyone does it, and it has nothing to do with a pandemic. We’re talking about wearing masks metaphorically. Today people hide behind masks of all kinds, from a false smile to going out with earbuds in and the sound up, to dark sunglasses on indoors, in the dark.

Men Less Likely to Seek Help During Pandemic

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the mental health of Canadians, according to Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). With many Canadians facing job loss, job insecurity, financial stress, anxiety, and fear and uncertainty surrounding the virus, it is no wonder that people are having trouble coping. “If you were to ask me at the beginning of the year how I was doing,” said Matthew Drummy, a thirty year old bartender from Toronto, “my answer would be a lot different than it is today.” As soon as the pandemic began and the city locked down, Matthew was laid off work and has since been isolating in a small apartment with his long-time girlfriend who is also unemployed.

Urban Camping: Roughing It To Avoid People And The Pandemic

With Canada Day just days away, it’s natural to start thinking about summer vacation. The national holiday seems to have a greater impact on the summer mindset than the actual first day of the season. The challenge this year is finding something to do, something open and able to accommodate the need for social bubbles and physical distancing due to the pandemic. After three-plus months of self-quarantine and working from home, a staycation is anything but attractive to many people. Travel by air right now is less than ideal too. That leaves travel by land, although cross-border road-trips from province to province are fraught with uncertainty. By now you have seen news of attacks on Alberta-

Homeless Father Found By A Determined Daughter

For the longest time something was just not right in Diana Kim’s life. Throughout her teens and her twenties, something seemingly beyond her control was missing or lost and she didn’t have the capacity to change it, so she thought. But she did have the willpower and determination and that is why a daughter managed to find her estranged father who, unbeknownst to her, was homeless and living on the street. Now in her 30s, Diana Kim is an O'ahu-based photographer whose love of her home, and her craft, were born from her family. "I grew up on the island of Maui and consider the islands to be home," said Kim. "My father owned a photography studio at one time, so my earliest introduction to photo

Toronto’s Summer Heat Could Kill More Homeless People Than COVID-19

Welcome summer! Here’s hoping the new season brings with it not just longer days but better days. Spring was especially grey, understandably depressing and both physically and mentally taxing. While enjoying the impending increase in sunshine and brighter dispositions, remember that too much of a good thing can also be harmful, like too much sun, heat and humidity. If there is any indication of what to expect this season, it was earlier this month when Toronto’s humidex hit 40°+, an all-time high for the date. On such occasions, air conditioning might be the best solution to beat the heat. For those without AC, especially those without a home, the heat can cause more problems than just disco

Add 'Hobo' To The List Of Four-Letter Words

'Hobo' — A Brief History, A Look At How The Term Turned Into A Stereotype, And Why The Word Has Got To Go. Almost a hundred years ago, during the great depression, people travelled from town to town in search of short-term employment. Odd jobs and temp work that helped put food on the table during one of the leanest times in American history. Looking back, it might have been one of the earliest examples of a gig economy. When work was sparse and money tight, people, mostly men young and old, would hitchhike and ride the rails to work and back home again. A generation became famous for it. It even became part of pop culture. They were called hobos — a name they gave themselves — believed to

In A Time Of Crisis, We Open Our Doors

When Rahul Dubey offered his home as shelter overnight to over 60 Washington protestors who were caught on his street, he acted on what he said was instinct. It was truly an act of compassion for those in need, for those in his community. Rahul Dubey offered shelter to complete strangers in the dead of night. While he has been applauded and praised as a hero by many, Dubey said he believes anyone would have opened their doors. Today, more than ever, a sense of care for your community is critical. It is what makes Haven Toronto a welcoming, safe space for elder homeless, marginally housed and socially isolated men. The downtown drop-in centre serves thousands annually and has seen a dramatic

Our Mid-Year Review And Our Thanks To You

As we near the mid-year mark of 2020, we wish to highlight how the community’s support of Haven Toronto has made a difference in the lives of elder men impacted by poverty, homelessness and isolation. While much of the city shut down due to the pandemic, Haven Toronto remained open, serving meals and providing tele-support and interview access with our full-time nurse and crisis and housing counsellors. At the same time that we were implementing measures to further protect clients and staff, we were executing plans to meet the inevitable growth in demand. One statistic that speaks volumes about the kind of year Toronto has had is the number of meals that we have served. Over a three month pe

Neil Finn, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie Share A Song For The Homeless

Crowded House frontman and current Fleetwood Mac member Neil Finn has enlisted the help of his bandmates, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie, for a new song, “Find Your Way Back Home.” The track was released in partnership with the homeless shelter Auckland City Mission, based in Finn’s native New Zealand, which will soon celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. “There are all these people in all of our lives, I think, that we drift away from,” Finn told the New Zealand Herald. “There was a story there, that was a connection that I made. It just puts it in your backyard. I live in a pretty fortunate situation, and I move in circles that are not in daily contact with homeless people. So


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