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September 2020


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NBA Players Give Back As Season Restarts

This year’s 2019- 2020 NBA Season will be unlike any other in its history. Set at the Walt Disney World Complex in Orlando, Florida, the best 22 of the league's 30 teams will play eight games to finish the regular season in a week’s time. The league’s restart plan faced many obstacles with initial concern over the health and safety of staff and players during COVID-19, but more recently about whether it was appropriate to bring back the NBA, a league with around 75 per cent black players, during a critical time in the Black Lives Matter movement. Many players voiced concern that the sport would distract from the important work that communities are doing in support of the movement. In the end

A Grateful Customer's Letter To His Late Wife's Hairdresser

Since the start of the lockdown, many people have joked and laughed about missing barbers and hairdressers as their hair has grown longer and shaggier than ever before. Social media has been flooded with hilariously cringe worthy images of DIY haircuts, from the lopsided to the patchy, a style now commonly referred to as the ‘pandemic haircut.’ But all joking aside, the pandemic has highlighted the importance that personal grooming can have on a person’s mental health and well being. For Illinois hairdresser Sara Verkuilen, receiving a heartfelt letter from a customer reminded her of the power a simple haircut can have. It was sent from a man whose wife had gotten a haircut from Sara in Dece

One Pay Away From Homelessness

In late 2019, Ipsos reported that Canadians have, on average, $557 at the end of the month after paying all their bills and debt obligations. That represents a drop of 20 percent from the previous report and the lowest level since 2016. Men and those aged 18-34 have seen the biggest decreases, 25 and 35 percent, respectively. Still, Canadians are “generally positive about their personal financial situations,” the October 28, 2019 report reads. That was 9 months ago, before novel coronavirus all but shut down the country and the economy. How are Canadians feeling today with an unemployment rate of 12.3 percent (down from a record high of 13.7 percent in May) compared to 5.67 percent in 2019,

How A Phone Is A Lifeline For Those Without A Home

For those who can afford it, a cellphone is a handy essential. But for someone who's homeless, it can be a lifeline, a way to stay safe and connected to people who can help anywhere and at any time. Improving access to technology for those who are vulnerable isn’t a new idea. It's been suggested for many years that a cellphone is an essential tool and is an issue of social equality: for those who don't have a computer, Wi-Fi or a mobile phone, it's nearly impossible to get a job, connect to critical health and social services or reach out for help when in danger. Harry, a new client of Haven Toronto, lives alone on the streets. He is scared to stay in shelters because of the threat of CO


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