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September 2020


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A 10 Year Old's Trek From Italy To England To Hug His Grandma

Nothing could stop 10-year-old Romeo Cox from visiting his grandmother and giving her a hug during the pandemic. With no available flights from his hometown of Sicily to her home in England, Romeo made an ambitious plan to make the 2800-kilometer trek to London by foot. “I asked my parents and they said no more than 50 times,” he told The Daily Mail. Eventually after lots of convincing and pleading, Romeo’s parents agreed to the trip, so long as it was COVID-19 safe and his father, a veteran war journalist, accompanied him. “I hadn’t seen Granny for a year and a half, so [during lockdown] I planned in secret to go see her. I drew a map. I would walk and take boats and do it naturally to help

Put A Halt On Hangry

Many if not most adults have been hangry at one point or another in their life; so hungry that they are angry. So hungry that it affects their focus and performance and even their personality. Irritability comes to mind - when thinking of others who have been hangry, of course. Being hangry is so commonplace that there are advertising campaigns based on the concept. The humorous Super Bowl ad featuring an angry Betty White comes to mind. While we joke about being hangry, we should be more serious about the negative impact food, or a lack of it, on our health. This includes mental health, especially during times of stress like a pandemic, and during periods of recovery from illness. It is tim

Ten Top Films Dealing With Mental Health

Mental health problems are disabling, but even more crippling is the pervasive stigma attached to mental illness. From Lauren Beachum’s “The Psychopathology of Cinema: How Mental Illness and Psychotherapy are Portrayed in Film”… “Portrayals of mental illness are prevalent in the media, and studies show that they negatively influence public perception while sustaining the stigma. Representations in the entertainment media and news media interact to shape community attitudes by mimicking them." "Portrayals of mentally ill people as dangerous, violent, and unpredictable dominate the entertainment media. Violent representations are becoming more common in films and television. While mentally-ill

How To Calculate The Impact Of Your Donation

Ontario's non-profit sector may be the largest in Canada, contributing $50 million to the provincial economy, but it's not immune to the impact of the pandemic. Quite the opposite, actually. It is reported that one in five Canadian charities is expected to close following COVID-19, despite the growing need for non-profits. Some local charities are reporting record growth in the number of clients served compared to pre-pandemic numbers. Haven Toronto, a downtown drop-in centre, has seen meal service increase 180 percent. The most important meal of the day, breakfast was up 254 percent in August compared to February of this year. Haven Toronto, which opened in 1933, says in its 87 years, “The

"Can We Speak To Your Manager?": How A Group of Friends Give Back To Local Businesses

A group of friends from Chicago are bringing a positive spin to a phrase dreaded by anyone who has worked in customer service: “Can I speak to your manager?” The group is known locally as the “the girls who give money.” Their goal is to support small businesses owned by marginalized or under served communities who may be struggling through the pandemic. The group surprises the managers of community businesses with a small donation at the end of their visit. "We’re all struggling. We’re all looking to see that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, that somebody has our back, that somebody believes in us,” said Jasso, one of the group’s members, in an article by WGN9 News. “Especially wit

Baby Yoda Inspires Firefighters Battling Wildfires

Oregon firefighters have a tiny but mighty force helping raise spirits in the fight against wildfires, thanks to a five-year-old boy named Carver who sent them a Baby Yoda doll. Carver and his grandmother bought the Star Wars toy, along with canned goods, for a firefighter donation drive. He hoped the toy would uplift spirits for the crews, amid Oregon’s devastating wildfire season. With the doll, Carver attached a note, “Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely.” Since then, Baby Yoda has been to four wildfires in two states, ridden in helicopters, checked people’s temperatures for COVID-19 symptoms, and even used “the Force” to move a firefighting tool known as a pulask, according


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