Nothing But the Best, Just for Less.

Pop open a new tin of ground coffee and inhale. That has to be one of the most pleasant smells. At least to a coffee lover. Grind the beans yourself – like the kind roasted by the experts at Savoury Grounds and the aroma is even more promising.

Coffee isn’t expensive. Great coffee grinders are. To enjoy a better cup of coffee, enthusiasts and aficionados have elaborate machines worth hundreds of dollars. Some worth thousands.

Does that mean those without the means have to partake in an inferior product?

Not the men of Haven Toronto. They, too, enjoy the perks of coffee ground fresh in front of them. You could say, it’s nothing but the best – just for less. That’s because we grind our coffee old school, with a $49 hand crank mill grinder. Same inviting aroma. Same promise of a refreshing cup. Just bigger forearms.

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