If the Shoe Fits, Consider Yourself Lucky.

We are in need of footwear for our clients. We have about eight donated pairs in our Clothing Room. However, no two are the same size. How is that possible? Same brand and style but not the same size?! In some instances, we even have two of the same foot, like two left-foot boots.

We looked into the issue and quickly discovered that some people are born with feet that are two different sizes. Others have feet (or a foot) that change size over time. Eighty percent of the time, the left is larger than the right.

That explains different sized feet. But the different sized footwear in our Clothing Room still baffles us. Who donates two different sized shoes? Sure, the shoes that people donate can be worn, some even worn-out (that’s a different problem), but are there really that many donors with different sized feet? So many that we have shoes that clients can’t use.

There is a solution. ShopHavenToronto.ca, our on-line store, offers new, matching shoes for $35. Not that ‘matching’ should be a selling feature. When you #SHOPandSHARE, you receive a tax receipt and Toronto’s elder homeless men receive the support they need. Please Shop Now.

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