Improv Can Help The Homeless

Improvisation is an art form. It is a life-long journey of exploration and discovery. Although it is not something you ever master, its riches are constantly being unfolded as a reward for committing to and preserving with the art form. And most importantly, it is a fun way of traveling on the journey to self-actualization and feeling comfortable in one's own skin.

The exercises and activities in improvisation act as a mirror. They enable for the person participating in them to see him or herself and notice their thoughts, emotions, behaviours and capabilities. It is in this way that they can achieve what every philosopher and spiritual teacher has said throughout history - know thyself.

The exercises and activities in improvisation require people to interact with others to achieve a common objective - usually to tell a good story. The objective cannot be met if people don't work harmoniously together. In order to reach this goal, people develop the skills and understanding of what is required to work effectively together and how to enjoy it.

Every person has a basic human need to be involved in something bigger than them. Improvisation meets this need, as people are able to have creative expression and work together to achieve something they could never create by themselves.