'Help The Homeless' Advent Calendar

The advent calendar - it's a holiday tradition. So is helping those less fortunate. As you count down the days in December using Haven Toronto's 2017 Advent Calendar, we will identify simple ways to help elder homeless, marginally housed and socially isolated men.


December 24 - They Are Human: Sticks and stones will break their bones – and words really do hurt them. Like everyone else, the elder homeless men we support have feelings. It hurts them to hear strangers yell out insults like, “Get a job” or “Take a shower”. As human beings, please remember to 'Treat others the way you wish to be treated' and Be Kind.

December 23 - They Want To Feel Valued: What could a person experiencing homelessness possibly have to give back? Many of our clients give back through volunteering – every day. And they don’t ask for recognition or awards. They help prepare meals, sweep the floors and organize the library. Giving back one’s time is a selfless act and for our elder homeless men, one that involves great pride. Remember, we all have value and deserve to feel valued.