Do Not Volunteer... Only On Christmas

During the holiday season many people want to volunteer at the local homeless shelter and see if they can serve meals on Christmas day. It is great to have people eager to volunteer at this time of year but this is not what shelters and drop-in centres need long-term.

If you’d like to have a long-lasting impact, consider becoming a regular volunteer. Instead of coming only once a year, during the busiest time of the year, volunteer during slower periods and look to make a commitment for a greater period of time.

Christmas and Easter are occasions when volunteer positions fill quickly. Meanwhile, two weeks later... crickets. That is why we encourage people to apply for ongoing roles when the need is greatest.

Our clothing room is open and busy three days a week, 52 weeks a year. Our dining room is open for three meals a day, every day, all year. This year, with help from volunteers, we will serve over 47000 meals.

It's logical that December is the most popular month for volunteering. People are in the mood to give and to give back. We appreciate this. It's also one of a couple times of year when there is a mismatch between available volunteer opportunities at non-profits and those who want to volunteer.

Every December, many charities receive a large number of calls and emails from individuals, families and groups looking to volunteer for one day around the holidays. We, at Haven Toronto, are grateful for the offers and the support. We are equally grateful for volunteers throughout the year and welcome your inquiries. Click for more information.

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