eMagazine Gives Insight Into Poverty and Homelessness

"Housing Affects Mental Health." "Why is Socialization Important?" "Teaching Kids to Care." "Bored to Death, Literally." These are some of the articles featured in past editions of Haven Toronto's eMagazine.

Every month, Haven Toronto publishes a digital magazine with insights into the issues surrounding poverty, homelessness and social isolation. The publications are intended to inform, educate and engage. The response has been quite positive.

"I'm really impressed with Haven Toronto. I think you've done a great job giving people some perspective on the issue of homelessness."

Chris, Toronto

"It's a great issue with lots of important content."

Todd, Toronto

"I liked the message that helping the homeless through the cold isn't good enough. Keep up the good work. Sadly, many people are counting on you."

Larry, Toronto

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