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The Importance of Socialization

From onsite tournaments to offsite events and excursions, Haven Toronto provides opportunities for elder men impacted by poverty to socialize, engage and connect. Haven Toronto's custom initiative addresses the need within everyone to feel included and improves their sense of value and self-worth, all key factors impacting one's mental health.

Clients of Haven Toronto recently enjoyed an afternoon at the AGO, the BATA Shoe Museum and the Aga Khan Museum. In the coming weeks, they will be treated to a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame, timed around the All-Star break, and will attend Marlies hockey and the Canadian International AutoShow.

Why is socialization important?

It is clear that people can be present in a community without being socially included. Being socially included means that a number of things are present in people's lives.

Social inclusion means that people:

  • Experience a sense of belonging

  • Are accepted within their communities

  • Have valued roles in the community

  • Are involved in activities based on their personal preferences

  • Have social relationships with others whom they share common interests

  • Have friends

When people experience some or all of these conditions in their life they are more likely to be happier and healthier. In fact, social inclusion is an important determinant of health - without inclusion, people are more likely to experience poor health (including poor mental health), loneliness, isolation and poor self esteem.




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