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Foot Injuries A Serious Problem For Homeless People

Dr. Colin Van Zoost knows the effects that homelessness can have on someone's health. He runs the Walk In Our Shoes volunteer foot clinic at St. Andrews United Church in Halifax.

"When you're dealing with people who … rely on their feet for their survival, a simple foot problem can soon lead into quite a significant issue," said Van Zoost, who's been working with the homeless for a decade.

He recently supervised a study that confirmed what he's been hearing over the years. The study, by medical students at Dalhousie University, suggested:

As many as two-thirds of homeless people

have trouble with their feet

but the issues go underreported.

"Partly because it's a difficult population to study, but also because they commonly go unnoticed," Van Zoost told CBC's Information Morning.

A small injury from poorly fitted shoes could lead to an infection or ulceration and land someone in hospital. That's especially the case if someone's immune system is compromised, said Van Zoost, who works in internal medicine.


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