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A Creative Spin On Popular Slogans

Media Release

This Super Bowl Weekend, One Agency Puts A Creative Spin On Popular Slogans

For the next few days, the focus of much media attention is going to be on advertising. Specifically, multi-million dollar advertisements that will run in multi-million dollar time slots during the Super Bowl. All the big players will come out, and we're not talking about the athletes.

On the other end of the spectrum are organizations like ours, Haven Toronto, that struggle to get a Like or a Share for an ad or post on social media, a platform within our budget.

Maybe it's our creative? Maybe it's our placement? We don't know. We can't afford an agency to tell us. In fact, our entire annual operating budget wouldn't cover some Super Bowl ad agency fees, let alone production and airtime.

Does less marketing money make us less important?

It definitely means we have to be more creative and more resourceful. ROI is critical. But to us, return on investment is about results for our clients not our advertising.

Open 365 days a year, we support elder men impacted by poverty, homelessness and social isolation. When we monitor ROI, we look at the 51000+ healthy nutritious meals we served last year on a food budget of $3000. We consider the 9600+ articles of clothing distributed with no investment whatsoever. And we recognize the success of onsite services we offer including crisis and housing counsellors, nurses, barbers and dental hygienists. All free.

How do we get our message out?

For starters, we could use the expertise of an advertising agency. But who is going to step up? We're not a cool brand that will look great in a portfolio or win awards. We're just a consistently reliable, 85 year old centre that has been there for some of life's harshest moments and lowest points. Our biggest reward is knowing we give hope to the homeless.

In the meantime, this Super Bowl weekend, we are launching a new advertising campaign with a creative spin on popular slogans. They worked before. We're hoping they'll work again.




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