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Psychology of Poverty is Hard to Overcome

While poverty can take away many things from people, dignity may be their most damaging loss. With low self-esteem comes a lack of hope they can rise out of poverty.

“I have seen, and I do see, self-esteem issues,” said Brandee Thomas, executive director of My Sister’s Place in Gainesville, GA.

Many people have been through generational cycles of poverty. "This is all they know," adds Thomas. "Their family only ever lived in public housing, so they think that’s all that’s available to them; that’s all that they deserve.”

Thomas said lack of dignity can be compounded by the others’ attitudes.

“There definitely is this perception that if you’re poor or you’re in poverty, you only deserve this,” Thomas said.

Some judge without all the facts. Thomas said she hears things like, “You shouldn’t be able to wear Nikes because you’re poor.”

“Well, those Nikes could very well have been donated,” she said. “Because they are in the shelter, people want to take away their ability to make choices.”


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Source: Gainesville Times




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