What Current Leaders Are Teaching Future Leaders, By Example

Children’s thoughts and feelings are significantly influenced by the people around them. Children learn prejudice and practice discrimination “through living in and observing a society where prejudice exists” (What to Tell Your Child About Prejudice and Discrimination, n.d.).

So what can children - our future leaders - learn from the leaders of this UK community as they prepare for the royal wedding?

A homeless man found dead near the town hall in Bournemouth, Dorset allegedly had his sleeping bag taken away by the local council.

The rough sleeper, known only as Kev, age 66, was found dead in a car park. A friend who discovered him said that just days earlier people from Bournemouth Borough Council ‘removed his sleeping bag and possessions’.

Reports are council has been taking away sleeping bags

to ‘clean the streets’ in time for

Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle in May.

The unnamed friend, who had known Kev for 18 months, said, ‘I put my hand on him to shake him and that’s when I knew something was wrong and my heart sank.

‘A couple of weeks ago he said the council took his sleeping bag. They see it as rubbish but they don’t realize these are homeless people; sleeping bags are the stuff that keeps them warm.’

The friend said Kev never drank or took drugs or ‘asked for anything’ from him.

The council has previously come under fire for playing bagpipe music to deter people from sleeping near the town’s bus and railway stations. Council was also in the habit of purchasing one-way tickets for rough sleepers to leave the town.

Kev's friend said, ‘I commute through Bournemouth every day and he would sit on the wall at the corner of the road.

‘That’s what made me pull over the first time – I stopped to ask him if he was okay and we got talking.

‘I wondered, if I gave him some money, would it go on drugs and alcohol but to be honest he never did any of that. He never, ever asked for anything from me.’

A Bournemouth Borough Council spokesman said they were ‘aware’ of Kev’s death but would not respond to the allegations officials took away his sleeping bag.

From a story in Metro UK.

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