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Homeless Man Makes Supreme Sacrifice To Save Another

A gunman, Luiz Antonio da Silva, grabbed a woman from the street. There he held her at gunpoint before the steps of the São Paulo Cathedral. That is when Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima, a homeless man, stepped in.

Francisco noticed the woman in distress. He intervened, tackling the assailant, saving the life of a stranger, and paying for it with his own life.

For those living in poverty and homeless, it is not uncommon to make sacrifices. It is not uncommon to go without shelter and forgo meals. But to sacrifice one's life?! While Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima did not choose his lot in life, he did chose to risk his life in support of another human being.

He made the supreme sacrifice. Francisco has since been hailed a hero. Social media has praised Francisco’s brave and selfless actions and has started placing angel wings on images of the homeless man.

It is unlikely that you will ever be in a similar situation as Francisco. For that you are fortunate, no one should be homeless.

You will also most likely never have to make the split-second decision to or not to risk your life for another.

But what sacrifices are you prepared to make?

Even a small sacrifice can make a big difference. Your donation of $1 in our online store, for instance, feeds an elder homeless man. $21 feeds that same man for a week. It's a sacrifice most can afford to make.




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