Homeless in a Hostile City - Part 6

Artist Nils Norman has been documenting the phenomenon of defensive architecture since the late 90s with thousands of photographs.

He writes, “Recently, as I walked into my local bakery, a homeless man (whom I had seen a few times before) asked whether I could get him something to eat. When I asked Ruth – one of the young women who work behind the counter – to put a couple of pasties in a separate bag and explained why, her censure was severe: “He probably makes more money than you from begging, you know,” she said, bluntly.

He probably didn’t. Half his face was covered with sores. A blackened, gangrenous-looking toe protruded from a hole in his ancient shoe. His left hand looked mangled and was covered in dry blood from some recent accident or fight.

I pointed this out. Ruth was unmoved by my protestations. “I don’t care,” she said...

"They’re a menace. Animals.”</