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Customer Calls 911 to Report a Homeless Man 'Asking for Scraps'

A homeless man's interaction with the police in South Carolina is going viral for all the right reasons.

On 26 May, police were called to a Hardee's restaurant in because a homeless man had entered and was 'asking for scraps'. The restaurant had been feeding him for days, and so a disgruntled customer called the police.

Instead of forcibly removing the man, or arresting him, officer CJ Mullinax of Horry County Police Department pulled his wallet and bought the man two cheeseburgers.

The moment was caught on video by Facebook user Victoria Summer, and has now had more than 92,000 views. In the post, Summer writes,

“Police were called to our restaurant today because

a homeless man was asking people for their scraps to eat.

This police officer bought the homeless man food and

handled the situation amazingly.”

Many Facebook users have left comments on the video praising Mullinax for showing compassion. One commented, “Good job officer. Your act of buying food for him will spare a lot for you. Always be the good person, to save someone to hunger.”

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