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Importance of Proper Nutrition for Seniors

If meals are missed or poor food choices are being made, ones nutrition can suffer.

For the elderly, poor nutrition can lead to undesired weight loss and jeopardize the immune system, making a senior more susceptible to infections like the common cold or even the flu.

Sometimes the decision to not eat is the result of a change in the appetite, something common as people age. Not eating can also be due to food insecurity. 62% of seniors in Canada have trouble covering monthly expenses. Canadians living in poverty increased by 15% between 2011 and 2014.

The elder homeless men who visit Haven Toronto are 100% food insecure. They have missed a meal or meals due to a lack of money.

Haven Toronto provides elder homeless men with healthy, nutritious meals; over 52000 in 2017.

Benefits of Proper Nutrition for Seniors

The benefits of proper nutrition for seniors range from increased mental capacity and higher energy levels to better resistance to illness and disease.

A senior with better eating habits will feel better overall and live longer and stronger.

Haven Toronto promotes healthy eating habits among elder homeless men by:

  • Setting regular eating schedules; bodies thrive on routine. When people stray from our typical schedules the appetite is affected.

  • Providing a social environment for dining. The thought of eating alone can decrease appetite.

  • Enhancing smells and flavours with herbs, sauces and marinades.

For $1, you can provide a healthy, nutritious meal for an elder homeless man. Shop and Share in Haven Toronto's online store. You receive a tax receipt. Elder homeless men receive the support they need. SHOP NOW




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