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The Homeless World Cup Creates Purpose And Happiness

Every year, the Homeless World Cup Foundation delivers an inspirational week-long street football tournament that brings together more than 500 players representing 50+ countries around the world, all of which have faced homelessness and social marginalization.

Competing in a purpose-built stadium in the heart of the host city, the players represent their country and unite in celebration. The annual tournament frequently attracts crowds of more than 80,000 with millions more watching online around the world.

Homelessness can force people into isolation, which affects their ability to share, communicate, and work with others.

When a person who is homeless gets involved in football, they build relationships; they become teammates who learn to trust and share. They have a responsibility to attend training sessions and games, to be on time, and to be prepared to participate.

They feel that they are part of something larger than themselves. They have a real sense of purpose.

And as many as 1 billion people lack adequate housing. The characteristics and causes of homelessness around the world are complex and varied. Homeless people experience social exclusion and stigmatization, economic hardship and poverty, and physical and mental health problems.

By showing the human side of homelessness, the Homeless World Cup aims to promote a more compassionate approach to helping those affected by it.

The 2018 Homeless World Cup will take place in Mexico City’s iconic Zocalo, right at the heart of the Mexican capital, from November 13th - 18th.

More than 500 players representing 47 countries will travel to Mexico City to attend the inspiring week-long festival of football, in what is promised to be one of the most spectacular Homeless World Cup tournaments yet.




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