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Comedian’s Life Was Anything But A Laugh

He's now worth an estimated $100 million, but fame and fortune didn't come easy for Steve Harvey. In 2016, the 61-year-old gave a candid interview in People magazine, recalling the three years when he was homeless.

Harvey would sleep in his car and wash in sinks at gas stations or hotels.

'That was an ugly period, just very painful,' he told the magazine. 'Everybody has a moment when they turn back, when you say to yourself, “This is too much.” I had it on several occasions.'

Steve Harvey recalled one particular occasion when he had to hide in a bathroom stall at a hotel for hours before he was able to wash the soap off his body.

'I sat down and started crying, but a voice said, “If you keep going, I'm going to take you places you've never been.”

Harvey quit his job as an insurance salesman in his late twenties after winning a stand-up contest in order to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian.

As a result, his marriage fell apart and he rarely saw his two eldest children, but would send his family the majority of his little earnings, leading to him living out of his car.

After landing a spot performing on Showtime At The Apollo in 1993, Steve Harvey’s life turned around.

'It kills me when I hear very successful people say, “I always knew I would get here.” I didn't,' he shared to People. 'I always hoped I would get somewhere, but this is above and beyond. My imagination didn't even go this big.'

Harvey revealed that he ensures he is constantly working because he never wants to be homeless again.

He also shared his success with others and started the The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation which provides youth outreach services that cultivates the next generation of responsible leaders by providing educational enrichment, mentoring, life transformation skills and global service initiatives.

Source: Daily Mail




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