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Tennis Player Comforted By Teammate After Helicopter Triggers His PTSD

During the Invictus Games, currently underway in Australia, a competitor rushed to the aid of a teammate suffering PTSD.

British Army hero, Paul Guest, was upset by the sound of a helicopter, which interrupted his wheelchair tennis match in Sydney. Teammate Edwin Vermetten, from The Netherlands, spotted Guest in tears and went to comfort him.

It has been described as "an extraordinary moment of teamwork and human compassion" by Games organizers.

Recounting his efforts to aid his teammate, Mr Vermetten told the Invictus Games that he had sung ‘Let It Go’, from popular Disney film ‘Frozen’, to ease the tension.

He said: “I took him by the face and said ‘Look at me. We are a team so let it go.”

“Look into my eyes and sing the ‘Frozen’ song, and we did.“For him, this was the moment he let go, and he did, he literally let it all go.”

Mr Guest has previously credited the Invictus Games, set up by Prince Harry, for saving his life.

Toronto hosted the Invictus Games in 2017. The 2018 games continue in Sydney, Australia until October 27th.

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Based on an article by Dave Burke, The Mirror UK




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