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Haven Toronto Launches 'Homeless News'

RELEASE: Immediate

Homelessness exists year-round but awareness may not. With support from Haven Toronto, that is about to change.

It makes sense that the topic of homelessness gets special attention from the media on select occasions throughout the year. In the fall when temperatures begin to drop. Around Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter when people take time to reflect on their own good fortune. In the heart of winter when getting out of the cold is a matter of life and death. But homelessness happens 365 days a year.

Contrary to popular belief, there are more homeless deaths in the summer than the winter. But that does not translate into more awareness in the summer. To raise awareness is why Haven Toronto is launching ‘Homeless News’, a digital network that utilizes a variety of media to generate ongoing awareness of the issues of poverty, homeless and isolation.

“For over a year now, we have published a digital magazine focused on poverty, homelessness and isolation,” says Lauro Monteiro, Executive Director of Haven Toronto. “The magazine has been well received,” adds Monteiro, “and, from reader feedback, we see an impact.”

“The lack of understanding of homelessness affects the public’s response to the issue” says Monteiro. “People who are homeless are stereotyped, mistreated and abused.”

“With knowledge comes empathy and compassion. Our magazine and our use of social media has helped change perspectives. It’s only natural that we expand our effort to include other media in hopes of an even greater impact.”

“Homeless News will tackle the negative stereotypes of poverty and homelessness and will provide education and awareness on related topics, such as the epidemic growth of isolation.”

“Homelessness doesn’t go on vacation. There is no break from it. No down-time. The same cannot be said of awareness and media coverage. That changes with the introduction of Homeless News available at”

Haven Toronto is a drop-in centre in downtown Toronto. The centre, in its 85th year of operation, supports elder homeless men age 50+ and is a national leader in services, programs and advocacy for elder homeless men.


For more information, contact:

Lauro Monteiro

Executive Director




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