City Announces Winter Services For Toronto's Vulnerable Population

HOMELESS NEWS - The City of Toronto announced today details about the 2018-19 winter service. The service is intended to offer safe and welcoming places for people who need them during the coming winter weather.

The plan takes into consideration last winter’s experience and recommendations from the City’s Ombudsman.

In addition to the existing 24-hour respite site locations, the City is opening three new services that will use recently purchased prefabricated structures to be located in the east, central and west parts of the city. Like the existing sites, the new sites will offer single adults and couples, along with their pets, easy access to warm places to rest and to obtain meals and service referrals.

The City says the new sites are under development and will be available starting December 15. In the meantime, the City is opening a temporary 24-hour respite site with up to 200 spaces starting November 15 in the Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition Place.

The locations for