At 2 Billion Hours Volunteered, Canada Ranks 15th In The World

The World Giving Index (WGI), an annual report published by the Charities Aid Foundation, ranks over 140 countries according to how charitable they are. Ranking is based on how much they help a stranger, how much they volunteer and how much they donate. The aim of the WGI is to provide insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world.

According to the World Giving Index, in 2013, Canada ranked second in the world. Then third in 2014 and fourth in 2015. It only gets worse from there. Last year, Canada came in 15th. Indonesia was number one in 2018 followed by Australia, New Zealand and, wait for it, the United States.

Despite a steady drop in our WGI rank, some of the most recent research from Stats Canada shows that about one-half of Canadians volunteer annually. 84 percent of Canadians also donate money to charities and non-profits each year; on average $446 dollars per person for a combined $10.6 billion.

Over 13 million people – 47% of Canadians aged 15 and over –