Turk's Tale: From Hockey To Homeless

In his book, 'Crossing the Line: The Outrageous Story of a Hockey Original’, Derek Sanderson, who played for five NHL teams throughout his career – including the Bruins and the Blues – shares his hockey highs and lows and moments that would eventually see him homeless and living on the street.

Photo: The Bruins' Derek Sanderson, By Boston Globe

Of his time in Boston, Sanderson writes, "I’d been living the life. I was a single guy playing for the most popular hockey team on the planet, beautiful women all around me. The image I projected was that I was this crazy playboy, and I believed my own hype, but the truth was that I was just an insecure kid from Niagara Falls, Ontario.”

Derek Sanderson faced a number of personal challenges throughout his career, some typical of a pro-athlete.

To begin with, Sanderson fears flying. This is a problem for anyone who has to travel for work. Sanderson turned to therapy for a fruitless solution that included taking Valium. The drug mellowed him before a flight, but it made him, “groggy and irritable” and interfered