Why Are Ontario Seniors Turning To Drop-in Centres And Food Banks

Ontario seniors are feeling the squeeze as housing and food costs continue to rise. The situation is resulting in a growing number of seniors turning to food banks and drop-in centres for support.

Use of foodbanks by seniors in Ontario has jumped 10 percent in the last year. At Haven Toronto, the only drop-in centre in Canada dedicated to elder men age 50+, the number of meals served has increased 20 percent in four years.

In an aging society – there are more seniors in Canada than people under fifteen - seniors are often some of the first and the most impacted.

Lauro Monteiro is the Executive Director of Haven Toronto, a Toronto drop-in centre that serves thousands annually and sees 250 to 400 clients a day.

Monteiro says, “Cost of living and rents have skyrocketed. Renovictions are on the rise. And despite investment by the Federal government, CPP and Old Age benefits have not kept up with the rate of inflation and the cost of living.”