Introducing 'The Power Of 1'

Life can be exhausting. Not necessarily physically from manual labour and muscle strain but mentally exhausting, and emotionally draining. So much so that people have nothing left to give. Nothing in reserve. Not for themselves. And certainly not for anyone else. They are empty, so they shut down, give in and give up.

What is causing the drain and, with it, increasing isolation, loneliness, depression and worse? Maybe it’s what, and how much people are consuming. People are overindulging, unaware of the serious impact on their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. But it‘s not what you think.

More than ever, people are being inundated with information, much of it in the form of negative news — real and fake — and most of it readily available on the screens of devices in-hand for excessive periods of time. According to the market-research group Nielsen, adults spend over eleven hours a day interacting with media.

Between family pictures, cat videos and food photos, amongst emails, texts and chats, screens are offering up, and people are scrolling past, liking and sharing the latest on climate change, growing political unrest, violence, racism and dis-crimination. Not to mention the impression left by public officials’ public dis