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It Doesn't Take Much Change To Change The World

You don’t need to have much in your pockets to change the world, a big-hearted homeless man has reminded us. While conducting a social experiment, a YouTube personality, Sam Pepper, approached a few diners in a pizza shop, expressed that he was hungry and asked if they could spare a slice. He was rejected each time. The first person to offer Pepper something to eat was the last person he expected help from. A homeless guy didn't hesitate to share his food. Perhaps what was most inspiring about the experiment was that this was the first homeless man Pepper approached. In shooting the video, "I didn't edit anything out and didn't have to make multiple tries," he wrote on his YouTube page. It’s a lesson about the essence of giving that we continue to learn from the people who have the least amount of resources to share. Another YouTube personality, Magic of Rahat, had a similar experience. Rahat bought a lottery ticket from a store owner and also gave the clerk $1,000, so that whoever claimed the ticket would think he won the jackpot. Rahat then handed the ticket to a homeless man in the neighbourhood who was overwhelmed when he "won" the lotto. The first gesture the homeless man made after collecting his winnings was offering to split his money with Rahat.

Source: Huffington Post

We created 'The Power of 1', a free eBook, to encourage others to make a difference. The Power Of 1 is about changing your world and, in the process and for the better, changing the world of those around you. It's about achievable change, beginning inside oneself and building outward. Think of it as GIGO 2.0; Good In, Good Out.

From free to priceless, inside the book, 'The Power Of 1' are 101 ways that you can make a real difference in your life, and the lives of others.




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