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Home Does Someone Who Is Homeless And Without A Fixed Address Vote?

The advance polls are open. To avoid the rush of election day, people are encouraged to vote early. Just remember to bring your voter information card - you should have received it in the mail - and your identification.

Wait, what happens if you are homeless? And with no fixed address?

According to Elections Canada, everyone who votes must be able to prove their address.

From the Elections Canada website, "Eligible electors who are homeless or have no fixed address are welcome to register and vote."

To prove your address, people who are homeless and with no fixed address can show a Letter of Confirmation of Residence. Organizations like Haven Toronto - establishments that offer food, housing or other social services - can provide such a letter, as completed by the administrator of the establishment.

Every vote counts.

For answers to more election questions, visit and call Elections Canada toll-free at 1-800-463-6868.




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