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Finding Employment And Self-Worth

When you see a homeless man sitting on the side of the street begging for money, you feel bad for them, but that doesn’t mean you always take out your wallet to help. Most would simply walk by, even if they could spare some change.

One woman - Cesia Abigail Baires - changed the game when it came to helping out the homeless.

Three years ago a homeless man named Marcus walked into Abi’s Cafe in Minneapolis. He looked the cafe’s owner, Cesia, right in the eye and asked for money. “Why don’t you have a job,” she answered, adding, “You know nothing is given to me for free right?”

The homeless man told Cesia that a job was what he wanted most in the world. But due to his criminal record, scoring a job had proved impossible for him and he’d been forced to retreat to a life in the streets.

Marcus’s story hit Cesia right in the chest — and she immediately decided to put her money where her mouth is.

“I’ve seen him going up and down on Main Street before like a lot of other homeless people. He walked into the restaurant and I felt a connection with him."

Overworked, Cesia actually need a helping hand, although she could barely afford it. Hiring Marcus could take some of the pressure off herself, and she could help him earn some cash.

"I asked him, “You want to work? I have a job for you!" His eyes opened wide and his smile made my day!"

Marcus said, ‘I’ll do anything for some food.’ So now for almost two weeks, he’s been on time for his two-hour shift, helping take out trash, washing dishes, etc. Once I pay him, guess what he does? He buys food from my restaurant — he decides to pay — because it makes him feel good!”

Cesia continues, “With his new job, Marcus has found new confidence in himself and he’s a changed man."

"Do something nice for someone today" adds Cesia, "And don’t judge them just because they’re out there asking for money for we don't know their situation. Some deserve another shot. God gave me this blessing so why can’t I bless others?”


Cafe owner lets homeless man work for the day

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