Stigma Of Homelessness A Barrier To Health Care

A new report out of London says stigmas around homelessness and social exclusion stop those sleeping rough from accessing appropriate healthcare – leading to early deaths.

The research looked into deaths among those who had moved on from rough sleeping, supported by Tenant Sustainment Teams (TST). TST, similar to the crisis and housing counsellors at Haven Toronto, offer practical support, such as helping clients resolve issues with landlords, helping them with system navigation, and offering emotional support. TST helps service users break free of the cycle of homelessness.

The latest research represented further evidence of the health inequalities faced by people who are homeless and of the need for more integrated health care for them.

Howard Sinclair, chief executive at St Mungo’s, one of two organizations behind the research, says, "People need a home for good but also to feel confident again, have friends, feel included in society."

He adds, "This needs public services to work together to address the range of problems people may face, even after moving away from the street.”