Business Owner Only Hires People Who Are Homeless Or With Special Needs

Drew Goodall has always wanted to become an actor. In his twenties, after he studied acting, he managed to get small roles in movies such as Snatch and About A Boy, working alongside actors Brad Pitt and Hugh Grant.

However, a critique about his acting devastated him and changed his life.

Not working, Goodall started running out of money. Not wanting to tell his parents or move home, he was eventually evicted.

Drew was homeless for six months.

He struggled every day to survive. He was also beaten up more than once. He begged for food and slept in cardboard boxes outside of London Academy of Performing Arts.

Goodall was in the worst state of his life, suffering from homelessness and depression.

His life changed again when he started polishing shoes to make a little money. After six months of polishing shoes on the road, one of his regular customers told him that he could do the same job at his office.

Not long after, Drew started his own company, Sunshine Shoeshine".

Today he earns over $250,000 annually and offers up much of this money to charity. The other thing that makes him proud is that he never forgot what he had to go through before he became a businessman. That's why those who work at Sunshine Shoeshine are mostly homeless people and people with special needs.

Drew Goodall has employed 40 homeless people. One of these individuals is Alan, age 45, who had been unemployed for 15 years while suffering from health problems. Alan says Drew gave him hope and confidence, as he now has a purpose in life and a future.

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Formerly Homeless Man Becomes Rich

And Hires Only Other Homeless

And People With Special Needs


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