Making The Most Of Memorabilia

When a retired pro athlete starts selling their stuff, their memorabilia, it can be a sign of money problems. Charles Barkley recently announced that he is selling his 1993 NBA MVP trophy and his ‘92 and ‘96 Olympic gold medals. Is there a problem? The answer would be, yes. The problem is a lack of affordable housing in Barkley’s hometown of Leeds, Alabama.

Barkley, whose net worth is estimated at 40 million dollars, is using memorabilia, including one-of-a-kind collectibles, to raise money for the community. “I want to do something really nice for Leeds,” says Barkley, who continues, “I could build 10 to 20 affordable houses. And I’m going to use my own money selling my memorabilia.”

“How much could I get for my MVP trophy and my two gold medals?” asks Barkley. “And I got an autographed plaque signed by the first original [1992] Dream Team.” He says, “I can get a lot of money for that stuff.”

Barkley went to high school in Leeds, about 30 kilometres east of Birmingham, and played at Auburn from 1981-84. Today, while working for TNT and residing in Arizona, he remains vocal about his Alabama roots.

For years, Barkley’s grandmother kept much of his memorabilia. Now he says, “It just clutters up my house.” In his typical, tongue-in-cheek style, Barkley says, “It’s just a bunch of crap and I don’t want that stuff crappin’ up my house.”


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