How Social Distancing Is Bringing People Closer

Would you know what to do if the paper in the window of this home was not green but red?

The green square of paper in the front window of every house on this city street is significant in communicating with neighbours. As is a red square of paper. To passersby, the coloured square notifies neighbours that, in the case of green, all is good. Red alerts others to the need for help. Find a red square in the window and you will also find a note from the resident asking for assistance with shopping, medication and transportation.

In response to social distancing and growing fears from COVID-19, one UK man delivered green and red paper squares to the other houses on his street. He wanted vulnerable neighbours to display the green paper if they were okay and red if they needed assistance at which point he and others would offer aid.

If there is anything positive to come from this crisis, it’s story after story of people coming together in support of each other - while practicing social distancing - including reducing isolation and recognizing the efforts of those dedicated to combating the virus and keeping communities safe.