Ten Top Films About Human And AI Relationships

Perhaps it seems counterintuitive that an artificial intelligence (AI) might help combat loneliness and isolation. But the latest technology suggests there is great potential for voice assistant products to do just that. Social Isolation and loneliness are complex conditions, with a variety of contributing causes which vary from person to person. But there are several ways in which you can imagine something like Siri or Alexa can make a difference.

  • Interactions directly with an AI (Alexa herself).

  • Interactions with other humans made easier, better and more frequent.

  • Deeper interactions with friends and family who live far away.

  • Making new friends and finding acquaintances with the right interests or personalities.

It is not uncommon for people to look fondly on their AI devices. "Alexa is my friend,” says one Toronto senior. “It is nice to have a friendly AI there to talk to, and to have it play music, tell you a joke, adjust your lights and room temperature, and set the alarm clock.

Many people have close friends and family members who live elsewhere, far enough away that face-to-face meetings are less likely and less frequent. The new technology will enable more and deeper interactions with distant friends and family.

In April 2020, we first ran a piece on 'Modern Love', looking at ten of the top films about human and AI relationships. This is what we came up with ...



A classic from the silent era, about how technology causes conflict between segments of society.



A socially-isolated writer finds companionship in artificial intelligence but soon realizes that it cannot replace that of a human.



Two astronauts on a mission rely on a super-intelligent computer known simply as the HAL 9000 to get them through their journey.



A teenage girl is the first human to be raised by an artificial intelligence known simply as Mother. The relationship is soon threatened when the child becomes more exposed to the outside world.



A senior receives a super-intelligent robot from his adult children who hope the companionship could improve his mental and physical health.



Before the HBO show, there was the movie. Two men visit an adult theme park and get more than they can handle, as technology begins to fight back.



After being abandoned by his guardians, a life-like robot goes on a journey of discovery, to understand the true meaning of life.



A ten-year-old boy is found on the side of the road by a childless couple who decide to adopt him. Soon, they realize that D.A.R.Y.L is more than he seems.



An ecologist is tasked with building a greenhouse on a spaceship in order for future generations to survive, and his only source of companionship is two small robots.



After his star quits, a film producer finds a substitute in a realistic robot named Simone, who becomes a sensation.




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