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Saluting Glen Canning, Volunteer

Glen Canning is one of Haven Toronto’s longest serving volunteers. Each week for the last three years, Glen has served breakfast to the flood of clients that pour through Haven Toronto’s doors in the early hours of the morning.

Providing more than a meal, Glen offers compassion and empathy, a refreshing change for clients, many of whom experience social isolation, loneliness and negativity on a daily basis and are not accustomed to receiving the kindness of others.

Glen chose to dedicate his time to helping clients at Haven Toronto after moving to Toronto from the east coast. The move followed the loss of his daughter, Rehteah.

Over his last three years of volunteering, Glen has become an integral part of the Haven Toronto family — not only is he a dependable worker, he’s a source of kindness and positivity, and a friendly and familiar face to the clients.

After experiencing a tremendous tragedy in his life, Glen has dedicated his time to serving others and advocating for those who are vulnerable, voiceless and in need of support. For Glen, volunteering and giving back is something he looks forward to every week.

“Volunteering has meant the world to me.”

– Glen Canning, Volunteer

Glen is proof that one small act can make one big impact in a day, in a life.


Glen Canning:

“I moved to Toronto almost four years ago after I lost my daughter Rehtaeh to suicide. When I got here, I was lost, obviously. I started doing volunteer work and building friendships at Haven Toronto and it literally started to feel like home.

I would leave and I would feel taller. I would feel alive.

I feel good about volunteering and I just couldn’t thank Haven Toronto enough for welcoming me and letting me be part of your family.”




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