Cerebral Cabin Fever: Returning From Isolation With Our Mental Health In-Check

Lately there has been growing discussion around when and how we can re-open society, taking down barriers created for and by physical distancing, and returning public spaces, parks and playgrounds to the people.

When is the right time to re-open, what is the right approach and what are the risks?

Re-opening Ontario, the other provinces and the country is being met with a drastic difference of opinion similar to the polarizing attitudes towards COVID-19 which, if you can believe it, is considered a hoax or conspiracy in some dark corners of our piece of flat earth.

Some Canadians, albeit a vast minority, are calling and protesting for an immediate full scale re-opening. Others, including provincial and federal leaders, are being more cautious, basing decisions on the recommendations of health and science experts, the ones they have been listening to all along. That has others, including a few politicians on the right, in the wrong to suggest our scientists and medical experts are working for China or big pharma.

No matter when and how we move forward, and whether or not novel coronavirus was a ho