Survival Bracelets Help The Homeless Community

Jackson, a grade four student from Toronto, realized that when the city fell into a state of emergency for COVID-19 and he and his family and been told to “stay home and get lots of groceries”, there were others in his community that weren’t so fortunate.

“There are some people that don’t have a home to go to and not enough money to get the food that they need,” he said.

From time spent with his father several years ago at camp learning to make survival bracelets, Jackson knew he could put his time and skills to use and help others.

COVID-19 has taken a particular toll on the homeless community. With more than 10,000 people homeless in Toronto on any given night, organizations stretched thin or have been forced to close, support and resources for the city’s most vulnerable is needed now more than ever.

At Haven Toronto, over the past few weeks, there has been a 100% increase in the number of meals served, a staggering number which represents the growing demand for services.

Jackson is selling his survival bracelets, a fashionable accessory crafted from 8 ft of paracord which can be used in emergency situations, for a $10 donation.

He hopes that his bracelets will help Haven Toronto keep up with the growing demand and inspire others to find ways to give back.

“I learned that helping people in need brings them hope and inspires others to make a difference too,” Jackson said.

With his bracelet adorned proudly on his wrist, Jackson said it feels good to help others.

To purchase one of Jackson's survival bracelets, CLICK HERE.


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