Our Mid-Year Review And Our Thanks To You

As we near the mid-year mark of 2020, we wish to highlight how the community’s support of Haven Toronto has made a difference in the lives of elder men impacted by poverty, homelessness and isolation.

While much of the city shut down due to the pandemic, Haven Toronto remained open, serving meals and providing tele-support and interview access with our full-time nurse and crisis and housing counsellors. At the same time that we were implementing measures to further protect clients and staff, we were executing plans to meet the inevitable growth in demand.

One statistic that speaks volumes about the kind of year Toronto has had is the number of meals that we have served. Over a three month period, February through May, as the novel coronavirus was taking control of lives and livelihood, breakfast and lunch service at Haven Toronto grew a combined 104 percent. Breakfast is up 142 percent. Lunch, 81 percent. Planning and preparedness - and the support of donors, corporations and foundations - meant every client was cared for.

Together, we have had a positive impact.

  • We have ensured clients continue to have access to their mail including cheques; homeless, many elder men use Haven Toronto as their mailing address.

  • We have provided mobile phones and data plans allowing clients to stay connected, to contact family and friends, and to get the latest news on the pandemic.

  • We continue to reduce barriers to health care; our nurse had 26% more client visits in the first quarter of 2020 than the same window in 2019.

Our ability to make a difference is impacted by community support. We have been there for our clients because you have been there for us.

Thank you and take care.

Lauro Monteiro

Executive Director

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